O The Sock Gap feito pelo You Tube a entrar no espirito da época *

Jesus: Behold my glory.
Stan: Holy shit, it's Jesus!
Cartman: What are you doing in South Park, Jesus?
Jesus: I come seeking...retribution.
Stan: He's come to kill you because you're Jewish, Kyle!
Kyle: Oh, fuck! I'm sorry, Jesus. Don't kill me.
Jesus: Fear not. I love All My Children. Tomorrow is my birthday. Yet all is not right.
Stan: Your birthday is on Christmas? That sucks, dude.
Jesus: I must find a place called "The Mall".
Kyle: Well we can take you to the mall, Jesus.
Stan: Yeah! It's over this way.
Cartman: Goddammit, you stepped on my foot you pigfucker.
Stan: Dude, don't say pigfucker in front of Jesus.
Cartman: Fuck you.

(Excerto do episódio "Spirit of Christmas" de South Park)

*Não dispensa o visionamento da série "Canções de Natal" no Bomba Inteligente.

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